Miracle In Motion was founded with the belief that ALL children should experience the joy and freedom that motion brings. 

The founders of Miracle in Motion have learned through their experience that the costs for private treatments, "alternative" therapies, vehicle and home modifications and support devices can be overwhelming and cost prohibitive. 

Miracle in Motion created the Motion Grant Program to be a financial resource for families with a child who has suffered brain injury at birth or as a neonate.  

The program provides assistance to help fund therapies, the purchase of special equipment  and devices, the purchase of vehicle or home modifications, even hotel accommodations when traveling to see doctors or specialists.

Miracle in Motion is committed to helping brain injured children find the services they need and ultimately the HOPE that will carry them forward to experience motion!

Motion Grant Application

Please complete the form below to apply for a Motion Grant. Upon form submission, your application will be reviewed and someone from the organization will be in contact with you.  If you have an questions, please contact:  michele@miracleinmotion.org

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