Miracle in Motion created the Motion Grant Program to be a financial resource for families with a child who has suffered brain injury at birth or as a neonate.  

The Motion Grant Program provides assistance to help fund therapies, the purchase of special equipment  and devices, the purchase of vehicle or home modifications, even hotel accommodations when traveling to see doctors or specialists.

Please read the following notes of thanks from the families that Miracle In Motion has supported.

Jamie (PA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Jamie to continue his riding therapy at Sebastians Riding Associates.

Dear Miracle In Motion,
I wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate Miracle In Motion supporting Jamie's riding. It Means so much to Mike and Ito be able to have Jamie ride at Sebastians.

There are really no words to express our deep appreciation.  We are very excited to be apart of such an incredible organization like Miracle In Motion.

~Meredith, Mike & Jamie

Erin (IL)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Erin's gait trainer/walker. At 3 1/2 years of age, Erin is experiencing the "miracle of motion".

Dear Miracle In Motion,
Erin's walker arrived yesterday and we couldn't be happier!  Erin stepped into her new life; one with mobility options and possibilities.  She is already noticing the power of mobility.  Just yesterday, she walked to her dad.  Now she can go get him anytime she wants!!!

We want to once again thank Miracle In Motion for your support in making this day a reality.  Everyone is worthy of independance!


Sam (PA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Sam's hippotherapy at Sebastians Riding Associates.

Dear Miracle In Motion,
Words cannot express my deep appreciation for Miracle In Motion.  Thanks to your support for Sam's hippotherapy, he played and jumped in the snow today for the 1st time!  Before hippotherapy, Sam did not have enough core strength to walk long distances, let alone be able to walk through the snow

Sam enjoys riding so much.  Thank you again for giving him this wonderful opportunity...his strength has grown in leaps and bounds!


Jonathon (PA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for a Jenn Swing for Jonathon.

Dear Miracle in Motion,
Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!   You are a blessing to our Jonathon.   He is so happy swinging.  We can never thank you enough.

God Bless You,

Connor (PA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Connor's hippotherapy at Sebastians Riding Associates and also the funding for Connor to participate in a Special Needs Swim Class.

Nicholas (PA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for a ramp to purchased and installed at Nicholas' home.

Dear Michele,
The Mangano Family is thrilled as I am that your wonderful Miracle In Motion Foundation has made this really happen.
You have a wonderful mission and I can not thank you enough. I have spent four weeks on this project and NOW the excitement is really building up. We look forward to seeing Nicholas wheeled up the ramp.
This means so much to me and to the family who is struggling to say the least.
I wish you, Bella and your entire family all the very best.
Marc Bloom

Leah (CA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Leah's therapy with Andrea Bowers,  a movement learning specialist ~ Anat Baniel Method, Feldenkrais Method, Reflex

Dear Miracle In Motion,

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! Your timing is amazing, as Leah's first birthday was this past Sunday, and we were just thinking about how to afford the next set of intensive therapy sessions for her.  Andrea is very encouraged by her recent progress and gives us much hope for Leah's future. 

Please pass on my most heartfelt thanks to your fellow board members and contributors.  If there is anything specifically that I can do on behalf of your organization, please do not hesitate to ask.  I will certainly spread the word about your generosity.  Thank you again, from the bottom of all three of our hearts.  After all of the difficulties of Leah's first year of life, it is heartening to encounter your kindness.  We will certainly keep you updated on Leah's progress.

Jenny, Christoph & Leah

Emerson (CA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Emerson's hippotherapy at Ride On Therapeutic Sportsmanship.

Zachary (PA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Zachary's Surehands HandiMove Lift & Care System.

Joy (CA)
Miracle In Motion provided the funding for Joy's hippotherapy at J.F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center.


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