Dear Bellabean, 
You truly are a miracle in motion. May you always run, jump, laugh and smile your way through life. You are an inspiration to  us all!
July 24, 200(NICU Nurse)
Miracle in Motion 
A "not for profit" organization that was established in the name of Isabella Stankunas.  When Isabella was only 5 days old, she suffered a severe brain injury that was caused by a rare virus.

Our Name:

Miracle in Motion
was inspired by the words of Bella's favorite NICU nurse. The words were written in a birthday card that was presented to Bella,  on her 2nd birthday in the very NICU where they first met.

Our Purpose:

Miracle in Motion
has been established to promote awareness, prevention, treatment and most of all HOPE for the thousands of children who  suffer a  severe brain injury during birth or as a neonate.

Our Goal:
Miracle in Motion hopes to make the most of Bella’s amazing and miraculous journey by reaching out to families whose child has suffered a severe brain injury during birth or as a neonate.  There are so many families who have not yet had the fortune of receiving the miracle of watching their child in motion.  We hope to put their miracle in motion by providing a grant to fund to purchase equipment and therapeutic scholarships to help their child become mobile.

In addition to providing financial assistance and HOPE to families, a portion of the proceeds raised by Miracle in Motion will be given to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the development of a Neurologic NICU and par echo virus research.  Through our donations and efforts with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, we hope to find better treatment for newborns with brain injuries and also find a cure or vaccine for the Parecho virus, the rare virus that caused Isabella’s brain injury and continues to effect and cause severe brain injury to a growing number of neonates each year.

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